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These pages contain pictures Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Iceland and Svalbard. The pictures from Germany, Belgium, and The Netherlands are taken during my stay in Aachen (Germany) in July and August 2001. I was at a IAESTE traineeship at the IWW a department at RWTH-Aachen .

The pictures from Iceland is taken from end of July to the middle of December when I was in Iceland for one semester as exchange student at Háskóli Íslands (University of Iceland)

The pictures Svalbard is taken during my vacation in July 2006. The trip was a combinded walking tour and a cruise. We walked out from two different basecamps: Raudfjord, located in the north part of Svalbard and Blomstrand in Kongsfjorden. Between the camps we were sailing on the old coast liner M/S Nordstjernen. The tour was arangered by Spitsbergen Travel.

The Netherlands

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